Polybenzimidazole Celazole®  Rods and Sheets

Offers the highest temperature resistance and best mechanical property retention of all unfilled thermoplastics. 

Extremely high max. allowable service temperature in air (310°C continuously, going up to 500°C for short periods of time).

Extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion up to 250°C.  Celazole® PBI has excellent resistance against high energy radiation

Celazole PBI Technical Data Sheet

  Celazole Rods

PBI Celazole Rods Black
Diameter (in.) Length Part # Price Order Online
.625 12 Inches KR-5294 $720.00 each Add to Order
1.000 12 Inches KR-868 $871.61 each Add to Order
1.500 6 Inches KR-869 $1501.50 each Add to Order
2.00 3 Inches KR-869G $2,295.00 each Add to Order




Chemical Resistance
Acids, Weak, 73°F/23°C, acetic acid, dilute hydrochloric or sulfuric Limited Service
Acids, Strong, 73°F/23°C, conc. hydrochloric or sulfuric Unacceptable
Alkalies, Weak, 73°F/23°C, dilute ammonia or sodium hydroxide Limited Service
Alkalies, Strong, 73°F/23°C, conc. ammonia or sodium hydroxide Unacceptable
Hydrocarbons-Aromatic, 73°F/23°C, benzene, toluene Acceptable Service
Hydrocarbons-Aliphatic, 73°F/23°C, gasoline, hexane, grease Acceptable Service
Ketones, Esters, 73°F/23°C, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone Acceptable Service
Ethers, 73°F/23°C, diethyl ether, tetrahydrofuran Acceptable Service
Chlorinated Solvents, 73°F/23°C, methylene chloride, chloroform Acceptable Service
Alcohols, 73°F/23°C, methanol, ethanol, anti-freeze Acceptable Service
Inorganic Salt Solutions, 73°F/23°C, sodium chloride, potassium cyanate Acceptable Service
Continuous Sunlight, 73°F/23°C Limited Service