Polycarbonate Sheet (Makrolon®)
Polycarbonate Glazing Sheet

Makrolon® polycarbonate glazing sheet is a tough, versatile glazing product combining superior breakage protection and broad design latitude. It is stronger than plate glass and stronger than acrylic. Makrolon® sheet provides lasting protection against vandalism, burglary, and natural occurrences such as high winds, snow loads, and hailstorms.

Makrolon® Polycarbonate Sheet is available as:
Makrolon® GP Sheet-general purpose polished or pattern surface.
Makrolon® SR-Solarshield Sheet, extended U.V. protection
Makrolon® AR Sheet-clear hard coated to improve surface hardness, ultraviolet degradation, and chemical resistance.
Makrolon® SN Sheet-"S" sign grade

Makrolon Polycarbonate

Makrolon® GP Polycarbonate Sheet - Clear
Makrolon® GP Technical Data
NOTE: Standard tolerances estimated at +/- 5%. 

 Full Sheets Must Ship on Truck

Thickness (in.) Size (in.) Part # Price Per Sheet Order Online
0.062 48"x96" KS-125 $103.52 Add to Order
0.093 48"x96" KS-127 $162.88 Add to Order
0.118 48"x96" KS-128 $167.06 Add to Order
0.177 48"x96" KS-4777 $256.00 Add to Order
0.236 48"x96" KS-4778 $273.72 Add to Order
0.375 48"x96" KS-131 $533.59 Add to Order
0.500 48"x96" KS-4782 $690.22 Add to Order

Makrolon® AR (Abrasion Resistant) Polycarbonate Sheet - Clear
NOTE: Standard tolerances estimated at +/- 5%
Thickness Part # Size Price Per Sheet Order Online
0.063 KS-4810 24"x48" $104.74 Add to Order
0.063 KS-4822 48"x96" $378.10 Add to Order
0.118 KS-4811 24"x48" $125.69 Add to Order
0.118 KS-4823 48"x96" $453.72 Add to Order
0.177 KS-4812 24"x48" $155.78 Add to Order
0.177 KS-4824 48"x96" $562.42 Add to Order
0.236 KS-4813 24"x48" $142.10 Add to Order
0.236 KS-4825 48"x96" $615.58 Add to Order
0.375 KS-4814 24"x48" $280.66 Add to Order
0.375 KS-4826 48"x96" $1,139.81 Add to Order
0.500 KS-4827 48"x96" $1,404.86 Add to Order