VERSILON® SPX-70-IB High-Strength Silicone Pressure Tubing

  • Tough braid reinforcement permits use under elevated working pressure

  • Taste and odor free

  • Temperature resistant from -112°F to 320°F

  • Withstands repeated CIP and SIP cleaning and sterilization

  • Meets FDA, 3-A, NSF and USP Class VI criteria

  • Produced form a proprietary combination of silicone elastomers, VERSILON®SPX-70-IB Tubing optimizes critical physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and compression set, resulting in a more physically durable product. Its ultra-smooth inner bore reduces the risk of particle entrapment during fluid transfer.

    In addition, VERSILON®SPX-70-IB High-Strength Silicone Pressure Tubing will remain resilient and durable under extreme operating temperatures and repeated cleaning and sterilization.

    VERSILON®SPX-70-IB Silicone Tubing complies fully with the requirements of the USP Class VI Criteria and is entirely non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic.

VERSILON®SPX-70-IB Technical Data


Was Versilic SPX-70-IB

Outside Diameter (in.) Inside Diameter (in.) Part # Price Per 50 Feet Order Online
0.443 0.188 KM-2891 $ 933.70 Add to Order
0.516 0.250 KM-2892 $1,017.90 Add to Order
0.688 0.375 KM-2893 $1,318.50 Add to Order
0.847 0.500 KM-2894 $1,624.60 Add to Order
0.980 0.625 KM-2895 $1,839.80 Add to Order
1.150 0.750 KM-2896 $2,201.10 Add to Order
1.390 1.000 KM-2897 $2,617.60 Add to Order
1.636 1.250 KM-2898 $1,500.50 Add to Order
1.900 1.500 KM-2899 $1,772.20 Add to Order