Versilon® SE-200  Inert Tubing
Versilon SE-200 Tubing


Versilon® SE-200 Tubing Technical Data

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Versilon® SE-200 Tubing
Without sacrificing the flexibility, glass-like clarity or outstanding bend radius for which Versilon® SE-200 tubing is known, Versilon® SE-200 Inert Tubing can handle many applications where flexible tubing of the past could not be used. Its FEP inner liner provides the ultimate in chemical resistance and can handle a wide variety of fluids from corrosives to MEK-based solvents. The liner is inert, meaning it will not extract or contaminate fluids being transferred. The fluid path will not impart odor or taste, making it well-suited for food and beverage use. It meets FDA criteria for food and beverage applications, as well as USP Class VI criteria for biocompatibility.

Versilon® SE-200 Inert Tubing combines all the benefits of Versilon® SE-200 with the inertness of a fluoropolymer, providing superior performance in many applications and industries.
Tygon Part # Outside Diameter (in.) Inside Diameter (in.) Wall (in.) K-mac Part # Price Per 50 Feet Order Online
AJD00002 0.125 0.063 0.031 KM-2694** $196.80 Add to Order
AJD00007 0.250 0.125 0.063 KM-2695 $249.75 Add to Order
AJD00012 0.313 0.188 0.063 KM-2696 $332.50 Add to Order
AJD00017 0.375 0.250 0.063 KM-2697 $432.00 Add to Order
AJD00028 0.563 0.375 0.094 KM-2698 $612.35 Add to Order
AJD00038 0.750 0.500 0.125 KM-2699 $823.65 Add to Order
AJD00053 1.00 0.750 0.125 KM-5233** $1082.84 Add to Order