Versilon® 2475 IB High-Purity Pressure Tubing

  • Extremely low sorption to aqueous fluids
  • Plasticizer-free
  • Tough braid reinforcement for elevated working pressures
  • Ideal for use with Tygopure® sanitary fittings
  • Meets USP Class VI, FDA and NSF criteria

Versilon 2475IB Technical Data


Versilon® 2475 IB High-Purity Pressure Tubing
was Tygon 2275

Versilon® 2475 IB helps maintain product integrity during fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Loss of fluid through migration into the tubing or adherence of fluid onto the tubing walls may create inconsistencies in final product results. Versilon® 2475 IB is hydrophobic and resists the sorption (absorption/adsorption) of aqueous fluids. This reduction in sorption minimizes the risk of fluid alteration in single or repeat-use applications.

Until now, clear, flexible tubing was restricted from use in many applications due to concern of plasticizer extraction. Versilon® 2475 IB High Purity Tubing is entirely free of any plasticizers. This unique tubing uses the latest in polymer technology to provide a clear (between braid) and flexible tubing choice for sensitive fluid transfer applications.

Tygon Part # Outside Diameter (in.) Inside Diameter (in.) Wall (in.) K-mac Part # Price Per 50 Feet Order Online
AFH00014 0.438 0.188 0.125 KM-2711 $264.00 Add to Order
AFH00019 0.500 0.250 0.125 KM-2712 $360.00 Add to Order
AFH00029 0.625 0.375 0.125 KM-2713 $490.00 Add to Order
AFH00038 0.750 0.500 0.125 KM-2714 $690.00 Add to Order
AFH00046 0.875 0.625 0.125 KM-2715 $800.00 Add to Order
AFH00054 1.063 0.750 0.156 KM-2716 $493.70 Add to Order
AFH00064 1.375 1.000 0.188 KM-2717 $760.00 (25 feet) Add to Order
AFH00074 2.000 1.500 0.250 KM-2718 $817.20 (10 feet) Add to Order
AFH00079 2.750 2.000 0.375 KM-2719 $1,326.20 (10 feet) Add to Order
Rev. 06-21