Noryl HEX Rod

Noryl® Hex Rod is a modified polyphenylene oxide. It exhibits low moisture absorption and good electrical insulation properties over a wide temperature and humidity range. It has superior impact strength and long-term dimensional stability, and is used in business equipment, appliances, electronics and electrical applications.


Noryl® EN265 HEX Rod - Black, VO Flame Retardant

10 Foot Min Order, 5 Day Lead Time

Noryl Hex Rod Technical Data Sheet

Width Across Flats Inches Stock Order# Price Per Foot-5 foot Standard Length
0.375 KHR-134  $17.98
0.500 KHR-135 $27.20
0.625 KHR-136 $29.23
0.750 KHR-137 $32.60
1.000 KHR-138 $41.15
1.250 KHR-139 $51.86
1.500 KHR-140 $68.96
1.750 KHR-141 $88.76
2.000 KHR-142 $116.80