Nylon Chemical Resistance Chart

Chemical Effect
A. Excellent
B. Minor effect-Good
C. Moderate effect- Fair
D. Severe effect - Not Recommended

1. Satisfactory to 72F.
2. Satisfactory to 72F
3. Satisfactory to 120F.

Side by Side Material Comparison Chemical Resistance Chart (Note: Large File)

Acetaidehyde5 A
Acetamide --
Acetate Solv.2 A
Acetic Acid, Glacia1 D
Acetic Acid 20% D
Acetic Acid 80% D
Acetic Acid D
Acetic Anhydride D
Acetone 6 A
Acetyl Chloride --
Acetylene2 A
Acrylonitrile --
Alohois Amyl A
Benzyl A
Butyl A
Diacetone2 A
Ethyl A
Hexyl A
Isobutyl A
Isopropyl A
Methyl6 A
Octyl A
Propyl A
Aluminum Chloride 20% A
Aluminum Chloride D
Aluminum Flouride D
Aluminum Hydroxide6 A
Alum Potassium Sulfate (Alum), 10% A
Alum Potassium Sulfate (Alum), 100% D
Aluminum Sulfate A
Amines A
Ammonia 10% A
Ammonia, Anhydrous A
Ammonia, Liquids --
Ammonia, Nitrate --
Ammonia, Bifluoride --
Ammonia, Carbonate A
Ammonia, Casenite --
Ammonia, Chloride A
Ammonia, Hydroxide A
Ammonia, Nitrate D
Ammonia, Oxalate --
Ammonia, Persulfate D
Ammonia, Phrosphate, Dibasic A
Ammonia, Phrosphate, Monobasic A
Ammonia, Phrosphate, Tribasic A
Ammonia, Sulfate D
Ammonia, Thio-sulfate --
Amyl-Acetate B
Amyl Alcohol A
Amyl Chloride C
Aniline C
Anti-Freeze A
Antimony Trichloride D
Aqua Regia (80%, HCI, 20%, HNO) D
Arochlor 1248 --
Aromatic Hydrocarbons --
Arsenic Acid A
Asphalt A
Barium Carbonate A
Barium Chloride B
Barium Cyanide --
Barium Hydroxide A
Barium Nitrate --
Barium Sulfate A
Barium Sulfide A
Beer2 D
Beef Sugar Liquids A
Benzaldehyde3 C
Benzene2 A
Benzoic Acid D
Benzol A
Borax (Sodium Borate) A
Boric Acid A
Brewery Slop --
Bromine2 (wet) D
Butadiene A
Butane 2 1 A
Butanol --
Butter --
Buttermilk A
Butylene --
Butyl Acetate1 --
Butyric Acid1 D
Calcium Bisulfate A
Calcium Bisulfide A
Calcium Bisulfite A
Calcium Carbonate A
Calcium Chlorate A
Calcium Chloride A
Calcium Hydroxide A
Calcium Hypochlorite D
Calcium Sulfate A
Calgon --
Cane Juice2 A
Carbolic Acid (See Phenol) --
Carbon Bisulfide2 A
Carbon Dioxide (wet) --
Carbon Disulfide2 A
Carbon Monoxide A
Carbon Tetrachloride2 1 A
Carbonated Water A
Carbonic Acid A
Catsup A
Chloracetic Acid2 D
Chloric Acid --
Chlorinated Glue C
Chlorine, Anhydrous Liquid D
Chlorine (dry) --
Chlorine Water D
Chlorobenzene (Mono) A
Chloroform C
Chlorosulfonic Acid1 D
Chlorox (Bleach) D
Chocolate Syrup A
Chromic Acid 5% D
Chromic Acid 10% D
Chromic Acid 30% D
Chromic Acid 50% D
Cider --
Citric Acid C
Citric Oils --
Coffee A
Copper Chloride D
Copper Cyanide A
Copper Floborate --
Copper Nitrate D
Copper Sulfate (5% Solution) D
Copper Sulfate C
Cream A
Cresols2 --
Cresylic Acid D
Cyclohexane --
Cyanic Acid --
Detergents A
Dichlorethane A
Diesel Fuel --
Diethylamine --
Diethylene Gycol A
Diphenyl Oxide --
Dyes --
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) --
Ethane --
Ethanolamine --
Ether 3 C
Ethyl Acetate2 A
Ethyl Chloride A
Ethyl Sulfate --
Ethylene Chloride2 --
Ethylene Dichloride A
Ethylene Glycol4 A
Ethylene Oxide A
Fatty Acids A
Ferric Chloride D
Ferric Nitrate D
Ferric Sulfate A
Ferrous Chloride D
Ferrous Sulfate D
Fluoboric Acid C
Fluorine D
Fluosilicic Acid D
Formaldehyde 40% D
Formaldehyde A
Formic Acid6 D
Freon 111 A
Freon 12 (wet)2 A
Freon 22 A
Freon 113 A
Freon T.F.4 A
Fruit Juice A
Fuel Oils A
Furan Resin --
Furfural1 A
Gallic Acid A
Gasoline 1 4 A
Gelatin A
Glucose A
Glue P.V.A.1 A
Glycerine A
Cycolic Acid --
Gold Monocyanide --
Oils (Cont.)
Fuel (1, 2, 3, 5A, 5B, 6)
Ginger --
Hydraulic (See Hydraulic) --
Lemon --
Linseed A
Mineral A
Olive A
Orange A
Palm A
Peanut3 --
Peppermint2 --
Pine --
Rape Seed --
Rosin A
Sesame Seed --
Silicone A
Soybean A
Sperm --
Tanning --
Turbine --
Oleic Acid A
Oleum 25% --
Oleum --
Oxalic Acid (cold) D
Paraffin A
Pentane A
Perchloroethylene2 --
Petrolatum A
Phenol 10% D
Phenol (Carbolic Acid) D
Phosphoric Acid (to 40% Solution) D
Phosphoric Acid (40%-100% Solution) D
Phosphoric Acid (Crude) D
Phosphoric Anhydride (Dry or Moist) --
Phosphoric Anyhdride (Molten) A
Photographic (Developer) --
Phthalic Anhydride A
Picric Acid A
Plating Solutions
Antimony Plating 130°
Arsenic Plating 110°F A
Brass Plating
Regular Brass Bath 100°F
High Speed Brass Bath 110°F A
Bronze Plating
Copper-Cadmium Bronze Bath R.T.
Copper-Tin Bronze Bath 160°F A
Copper-Zinc Bronze Bath 100°F A
Cadmium Plating
Cyanide Bath 90°F
Fluoborate Bath 100°F D
Chromium Plating
Chromic-Sulfuric Bath 130°F
Fluosilicate Bath 95°F D
Fluoride Bath 130°F D
Platings (Cont.)
Black Chrome Bath 115°F
Barrel Chrome Bath 95°F D
Copper Plating (Cyanide)
Copper Strike Bath 120°F
Rochelle Salt Bath 150°F A
High Speed Bath 180°F A
Copper Plating (Acid)
Copper Sulfate Bath R.T.
Copper Fluoborate Bath 120°F D
Copper (Misc.)
Copper Pyrophosphate 140°F
Copper (Electroless) 140°F A
Gold Plating
Cyanide 150°F
Neutral 75°F A
Acid 75°F A
Indium Sulfamate Plating R.T. D
Iron Plating
Ferrous Chloride Bath 190°F
Ferrous Sulfate Bath 150°F D
Ferrous Am. Sulfate Bath 150°F D
Sulfate-Chloride Bath 160°F D
Fluoborate Bath 145°F D
Sulfamate 140°F D
Lead Fluoborate Plating D
Nickel Plating
Watts Type 115-160°F
High Chloride 130-160°F D
Fluoborate 100-170°F D
Sulfamate 100-140°F A
Electroless 200°F D
Rhodium Plating 120°F D
Silver Plating 80-120°F A
Tin-Fluoborate Plating 100°F D
Tine-Lead Plating 100°F D
Zinc Plating
Acid Chloride 140°F
Acid Sulfate Bath 150°F D
Acid Fluoborate Bath R.T. D
Alkaline Cyanide Bath R.T. A
Potash A
Potassium Bicarbonate A
Potassium Bromide C
Potassium Carbonate A
Potassium Chlorate D
Potassium Chloride B
Potassium Chromate --
Potassium Cyanide Solutions A
Potassium Dichromate D
Potassium Ferrocyanide A
Potassium Hydroxide (50%) A
Potassium Nitrate C
Potassium Permanganate D
Potassium Sulfate C
Potassium Sulfide --
Propane (Liquified) 1 2 A
Propylene Glycol B
Pyridine --
Pyrogallic Acid A
Rosins A
Rum A
Rust Inhibitors --
Salad Dressing A
Sea Water A
Shellac (Bleached) A
Shellac (Orange) A
Silicone A
Silver Bromide --
Silver Nitrate A
Soap Solutions1 A
Soda Ash (See Sodium Carbonate) --
Sodium Acetate A
Sodium Aluminate A
Sodium Bicarbonate A
Sodium Bisulfate C
Sodium Bisulfite D
Sodium Borate A
Sodium Carbonate A
Sodium Chlorate A
Sodium Chloride A
Sodium Chromate A
Sodium Cyanide C
Sodium Fluoride A
Sodium Hydrosulfite A
Sodium Hydroxide (20%) C
Sodium Hydroxide (50% Solution) C
Sodium Hydroxide (80% Solution) C
Sodium Hypochlorite3 (to 20%) A
Sodium Hypochlorite A
Sodium Hyposulfate --
Sodium Metaphosphate2 A
Sodium Metasilicate --
Sodium Nitrate A
Sodium Perborate A
Sodium Peroxide D
Sodium Polyphosphate
(Mono, Di, Tribasic)
Sodium Silicate A
Sodium Sulfate A
Sodium Sulfide A
Sodium Sulfite D
Sodium Tetraborate --
Sodium Thiosulphate ("Hypo") A
Sorghum A
Soy Sauce A
Stannic Chloride A
Stannic Fluoborate --
Stannous Chloride D
Starch A
Stearic Acid2 A
Stoddard Solvent A
Styrene --
Sugar (Liquids) A
Sulfate Liquors --
Sulfur Chloride A
Sulfur Dioxide2 D
Sulfur Dioxide (dry) A
Sulfur Trioxide (dry) D
Sulfuric Acid (to 10%) D
Sulfuric Acid (10%-75%)2 D
Sulfuric Acid 75%-100% D
Sulfurous Acid D
Sulfuryl Chloride --
Syrup A
Tallow A
Tannic Acid D
Tanning Liquors --
Tartaric Acid A
Tetrachlorethane A
Tetrahydrofuran A
Toluene, Toluol3 A
Tomato Juice A
Trichlorethane --
Trichlorethylene2 C
Trichloropropane --
Tricresylphosphate --
Triethylamine --
Turpentine3 A
Urine A
Vegetable Juice A
Vinegar A
Varnish (Use Viton for Aromatic) A
Water, Acid, Mine A
Water, Distilled, Lab Grade 7 A
Water, Fresh A
Water, Salt A
Weed Killers A
Whey --
Whiskey and Wines A
White Liquor (Pulp Mill) A
White Water (Paper Mill) A
Xylene2 A
Zinc Chloride A
Zinc Hydrosulphite --
Zinc Sulfate A